Martin Sheen to play Jane Fonda's gay husband in Netflix comedy

In Grace and Frankie, Lily Tomlin and Fonda play women whose husbands leave them - for each other


Photo: Brian McGuirk

Martin Sheen, who for many years played the president of the US in NBC's The West Wing, is returning to series television as a gay man.

Sheen will play the husband of Jane Fonda in the upcoming Netflix comedy series Grace and Frankie which also stars Lily Tomlin, according to The Hollywood Reporter[1].

Fonda and Tomlin play women who are each others nemesis but find their lives intertwined when their law partner husbands each leaves them - for each other.

The man plan to get married.

Sheen's film credits include Badlands and Apocalypse Now and he played a gay man in the groundbreaking 1972 television movie That Certain Summer.

Grace and Frankie is scheduled to premiere in 2015 and comes from the network that is home to the smash hits House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.


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