FIFA will probe anti-gay chants at World Cup

Mexico, Brazil, Russia and Croatia could have their World Cup career in jeapordy over fans' behavior at matches

FIFA will probe anti-gay chants at World Cup

FIFA has started disciplinary proceedings against four countries after alleged homophobic chants by their fans during their World Cup matches.

In a statement, FIFA said the inquiry was launched after what they described as ‘improper conduct’ by fans from Mexico, Brazil, Russia and Croatia.

At one game, Mexican fans shouted ‘puto’ at games against Cameroon and Brazil. In the latter match, Brazilians then responded by chanting the slur back at Mexico.

The slur, which translates as ‘fag’, ‘bitch’ or ‘man-whore’, was repeatedly chanted during the opposing team’s goal kick.

During Russia and Croatia games, far-right groups are believed to have unfurled homophobic and racist banners.

Piara Powar, executive director of FARE and a member of FIFA's anti-racism task force, told The Telegraph: ‘It seems that some fans of some countries will take their hatred halfway around the world.

‘These images need to be acted on urgently. The levels of homophobic abuse at some matches is also totally unacceptable. There is some rapid education required before it begins to run out of control.

‘FIFA has some strong regulations in place and we hope they use them. Zero tolerance is the approach set out. It is what is required here."

Brazil and Mexico could escape with a warning under FIFA’s disciplinary code, while Russia and Croatia may face the threat of points deductions.  

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