Mexico and Brazil fans trade anti-gay chants at the World Cup

Mexican soccer fans’ homophobic slurs have been broadcast on ESPN twice at this year’s World Cup and in a match against Brazil, Brazilian fans began shouting them back

Mexico face off against France at the 2010 World Cup

Photo by Celso Flores

The ESPN sports channel allowed the broadcast of homophobic chants by Mexico supporters at the World Cup in Brazil at two matches but says it did not understand what fans were shouting and will seek to stop it from happening again in future.

Mexico supporters began chanting ‘Puto!’ during a game against Cameroon whenever Cameroon’s goal keeper attempted goal kicks, and did it again on Tuesday during a match against Brazil.

In response Brazil fans returned the slur, chanting it as well.

The chants were picked up in broadcasts of the matches by sports channel ESPN. The channel said the audio for the footage was supplied by FIFA and it had not been aware of the meaning of the chants.

ESPN added they did not have control of the audio supplied to it by FIFA but said it would be vigilant to try to prevent the broadcasting of homophobic slurs by spectators in future.

It also said it had contacted FIFA to express its concerns about the broadcasting of fans using homophobic language.

‘We are now and we will be vigilant to prevent a recurrence of such language being broadcast on our air. We have we also reached out to FIFA,’ ESPN told OutSports via a statement.[1]

This is not the first time the use of homophobic chants by Mexican fans has been raised as a concern.

Soccer America’s Mike Woitalla raised the issue in November of last year,[2] writing, ‘Teams around the world are being punished with fines or stadium closures for racist chants.

‘There have even been fines for booing national anthems. But the rulers of the game - i.e. FIFA, Concacaf, Femexfut - seem to have no problem with this homophobic Mexican fan tradition.’


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